Reiki Hand Chart

Reiki hand position chart is something I put together while working on my Reiki Mastership. My Reiki Mastership training took about a year to complete. I had to assist teach Reiki level one and Reiki Level two classes. I also had to run a public demonstration and give a talk about what Reiki is and also was observed by my Reiki Master Teacher on many clients. There was also a Reiki Project I had to create, since I work in Graphic Design, I though making a good reference chart for the Reiki Hand Positions would be a good use of skills and also give something back to the Reiki Community. I had a few made when I originally finished the project, but because of size and costs it’s never been a project I could afford to print any large quantity of. I have recently uploaded this graphic to cafe press where the poster can be purchased. It’s an excellent reference for Reiki Master Teachers and Students.

If you would like to purchase a Reiki Hand Position Chart, please lick on the link below.

Reiki Hand Position Chart

You can find a downloadable 8.5″ x 11″ (letter size) 3 page version of the chart in my store, here. This is a great reference to keep with your manual and other study guides.

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